Financing Guidelines

In order to qualify for financing the following criteria MUST be met:

1. Minimum Age of 20 Years Old

2. Must live in area for a minimum of 1 Year

3. Proof of Address: Full Phone Bill from Address on Credit Card

4. Income (Must exceed $1100.00 a month)
Verifiable Employment ((1) Month worth of pay stubs)
Social Security (Social Security Income MUST be in Applicants Name)
Self –Employed (Previous Years 1099’s, 6 Months worth of bank statements and Schedule C from previous tax year)

5. No Open Bankruptcy

6. No Repossessions by Auto Loan and their Affiliates
(Penn Auto Loan, Auto Use or Lease & Rental Management Corp.)

7. No Co-applicants (unless legally married)

8. No Current Car Loans (only allowed when legally married and loan will be for second household vehicle)

9. Active Bank Account

10. The Vehicle being purchased must be a 2003 vehicle or newer and have less that 165,000 miles at the time of purchase

Click here for:
Application for Credit
Applications can be submitted:
 via fax to (978) 372-0458 or
 via e-mail to

Upon submitting application, provide the following:

Completed application
Copy of License
Proof of income
Also submit proof of income with application (ex. Recent Paystub)